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Our philosophy is that we can, we do and we will. We supply our clients with every lighting service and product they need.

We design LIGHTING CONCEPTS and supply you with all the lighting products you need including INVENTORY LIGHTING and LIGHT SIGNAGE.

Easier for you, and with an guarantee that all lighting is coherent and that it supports your brand and inventory design perfectly.


Light as a design tool

Light can bring your products to life, express your brand, get people’s attention and enhance navigation in your shop.

Get a custom light concept

Setting the right mood

With LED-technology the palette of differentiated lighting has never been wider.

From warm, cozy light to refreshing cool shades – we help you pick the right choice for your specific brand, products and interior.

Get a custom light concept

Emotional impact

How did the change in background color from black to vibrant red make you feel?

Scientific experiments has by now demonstrated that colored light affects our mood and mental state.

Get a custom light concept

The parts of a lighting fixture

Milliamps, lumen output, drivers... don’t worry if these words sound confusing.

We will take care of the technical choices so you can feel free to enjoy the effect your lighting system has on the products you display in your shop.

Enhanced visual comfort

Reducing glare and adding accessories for further optimizing the light distribution are part of our toolbox to create better experiences for your customers.

Controlling the light

We advice your on dimming systems to achieve a flexible solution that can adapt the lighting to different needs.

Standard product or tailored?

We can supply you with low cost off-the-shelf products or build you a unique custom-made lighting fixture.

We will design and deliver a lighting system that fits your needs and budget.

Design and production facilities

We work with carefully selected Danish designers to define special products, and we have access to production facilities in Asia for keeping prices low on the products.

We believe in democratic design – Good lighting to fit every budget.

360-degree lighting

We deliver a total package for retail customers.


Creative lighting concepts

Lighting can be part of your brand and help you to differentiate you from your competitors.

With a customized lighting design, developed specifically to your interior and products, you create a unique and easy-to-recognize signature for your brand.

Why settle with the ordinary when you can have your own personalized lighting solution?


Vibrant Light Signage

Illuminated signs are a powerful and simple way of ensuring your business attention day and night.

We design and produce signage at our production facilities ensuring you a very competitive price.

Are you new to light signage? We will advise you on all the possibilities and help you pick the right type of signage for your business and the specific location of your establishment.


Build-in Lighting Solutions

We deliver miniature luminaires to be built into your inventory.

With integrated lighting the light source is close to the products resulting in vibrant product displays and less need of ceiling lights.

Built-in lighting is an efficient way of illuminating particular small products with great visual impact.


Custom-designed Luminaires

Sometimes you need something very specific. You can design your own fixture, or we can design it for you. This is what we mean when we speak about co-creating your lighting solution.

And as we hold our own production facilities you can still keep your budget while having your custom design with perfect fit to your interior design and color and material scheme.


Instructive Light plans

Acquiring the best lighting fixtures in the world means nothing if they are used - and placed - wrongly. With our many years in the business we know just how to make the most from lighting products.

Having a detailed light plan prior to the installation reduces the risk of bad lighting and saves time and money in the installation phase.


Verifying Light Calculations

Doing a light calculation before you decide
on your lighting improves the chance of
achieving the perfect lighting considerately.
We can document how the lighting will be long before the fixtures are installed ensuring the result is as you want it to be.