We transformed a passion for light into a business

We love to make your brand stand out, bring out the beauty of your products and grab your customers attention - all by means of light!

You can think what you want, but color rendering, light distribution and lux levels - this is stuff that gets us excited.

Signature light for your brand

Lighting can do so much more than just illuminating a space.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

It’s just about using the potentials of LED technology with the aim of creating exciting experience for the customers.

Lighting can be a part of your brand.

We design unique lighting from your brands characteristics that will help your customers recognise your business and differentiate you from your competitors.

We've been in the business for more than 15 years.

We have been thrilled to work with both small and large scale companies. We build a common future – to us, constructing projects also means constructing relationships

2007 - Hofft ApS is established by Anders Nørrestrand after many years in the lighting industry.
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2009 - Factory in Guangdong, China established. Production capacity is present day up to 300 employees. Production area 6000sqm.
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2020 - Official partnership with track manufacturer PowerGear is effectuated
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Hear the story of founder Anders Nørrestrand.

When I established Hofft back in 2007 one of my main goals was not to restrict the clients in which lighting products they could implement in their projects.

We source or build the designs our clients dream of. It can be a state of the art design-product or an affordable spot for a track light.

We work focused to offer the solution that best fits the client’s ambitions and budget.

It really brings me joy to offer new products and solutions to the market and I'm always searching for new opportunities and new ways of creating something interesting.

Here, with Hofft, we have created an ideal platform for supporting our network of shopfitters, turn key suppliers and design offices with affordable lighting equipment and custom solutions.

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A picture of the founder of Hofft, Anders